Sam is excellent. I started working with her a few months ago and she’s been a huge help on how I approach issues I’m currently working on. The experience has been quite unique so far – even after our first interaction, I felt like she understood where I was coming from, and it made it much easier to be open and set/discuss/achieve goals. I would highly recommend Sam. I also greatly appreciated the flexibility regarding location, e.g. I opted for Skype sessions and it’s been fantastic… L.K., Switzerland

“Sam is a skilled coach that brings warmth and energy to each session. I’ve worked with several other coaches before but she’s hands down my favorite. The safety of Sam’s presence allowed me to explore deep within myself. She held space for me to bring the highs and lows I was experiencing and reminded me that they’re all part of the journey. I experienced a deep unfolding during our time together. She was by my side cheering me on, reminding me of my magnificence. I am profoundly changed as a result of working with Sam. I’m more me than I’ve ever been and I’m excited to share my authentic self with the world.”                    

J.F., America

My coaching sessions with Sam have enabled me to step into a space where I can focus on the areas of my life that have perhaps been neglected in recent years. Always a supportive and calm presence, Sam has helped me to gain a better perspective so that I feel more confident about how I want to fulfill my career aspirations. I found her to be very intuitive, and thoroughly enjoyed working with her in a collaborative manner. B.N., America

Coaching with Sam has enabled me to re-establish my thinking into a more positive mindset. Before the coaching I had lost my confidence, but during each session Sam was able to draw out my self-belief and encourage me to move towards a direction, in my career, that felt more intuitive and right for me. She also reminded me how to sense and recognise feelings in my body, to trust my intuition and to acknowledge what I truly want to do, rather than what I feel obliged to do. Sam also set lots of practical activities to keep me focused and connected between sessions. I would highly recommend coaching with Sam if you are considering a shift in thinking about your life. N.C., Ireland

Sam is a great coach. She’s lovely, warm and kind and helped me through some really quite tough sessions in an assured and caring way. I always felt safe with her and like she was on my side, which is a very powerful thing. C.D., Switzerland

Samantha has a very friendly and respectful manner and is able to create genuine relationship with her client. She intuitively works with the client’s learning style (in my case this was visualisations). This helped me to gain deep self-awareness and self-belief. She cares for her clients, and I am very grateful for her continuous support in between the sessions. I have no hesitation to recommend Sam as a life coach. E.T., Australia

Sam has been an incredibly generous and positive cheerleader for me. A.M., America

Sam was able to take the conversation to a higher latitude, able to empathise with my needs and overall had an attitude of care. She gave me enough time to think and reflect, which I sometimes took more than required. She was also able to help me create imaginary metaphors for me to think out of the box and think and create solutions from a different space. M.A., Singapore

I highly recommend Sam she is very caring and extremely intuitive. Whatever issue I may be dealing with she has the ability to make me feel much more positive. Sam has a huge amount of empathy and understanding and is very easy to confide in. She has helped me realise my strong points and set me back on the right path. C.S., England

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