About Tantra

What is Tantra Massage?

Tantra massage is a holistic, sensual and empowering bodywork practice that originates from ancient Eastern spiritual traditions, particularly Tantra, which seeks to balance the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

Unlike traditional massages, Tantra massage incorporates the whole body, including the intimate area and focuses on awakening and channelling our Kundalini (sexual or life force energy) throughout the body. This process promotes relaxation, healing, aliveness and a deeper connection to ourselves.

Tantra massage often involves slow, conscious strokes and mindful breathing in order to enhance awareness and intimacy. The roles of giver and receiver are clearly defined and Tantra massage aims to foster a profound sense of pleasure and harmony while respecting boundaries and consent. The outcome is often a unique and transformative experience. 

Experience Joy, Arousal, Aliveness

What are the Benefits of Tantra Massage?

  • I spend most of my time functioning, looking after everyone else and juggling duties and responsibilities and I have little time for pleasure.
  • I long to feel more carefree and relaxed in myself.
  • I wish I could get out of thinking mode and into being mode.
  • I tend to associate sensuality with looking good and being desired by someone else e.g my romantic partner.
  • I want to feel at home in my sexuality and I’m not sure where to start.
  • I am not in good connection with my own body and I don’t often self-pleasure or touch myself in a loving way.
  • I struggle to have orgasms and to let go.
  • I sometimes struggle to maintain an erection and feel the pressure to “perform”.
  • I sometimes experience numbness and/or pain when being touched in my intimate area.
  • I feel exhausted and too stressed to enjoy or even think about sex.
  • I am in great connection with my sensuality and long to experience even more and to explore new realms of pleasure and ecstasy.


It helps you to balance masculine and feminine energies.


It promotes self-discovery and personal and spiritual growth.


Tantra massage is non goal-oriented, so your focus shifts from performance to pleasure and you can enjoy longer, more fulfilling lovemaking sessions.


It can help you to love, nurture and celebrate your body just as it is, leading to even greater self-acceptance.


Tantra massage helps you to become more in tune with your body and your sensuality, allowing you to experience pleasure sensations in new and exciting ways.


It helps to promote relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety levels and can help you to restore libido.


Tantra massage can help to resolve and heal past traumas, numbness and emotional blockages. 


As your Kundalini is activated you can feel more in flow and more energised. You increase your vibrational frequency.


It can teach you how to communicate more openly, how to convey your boundaries and wishes and how to express your emotions more freely and directly.

Ask Yourself

Do Any of These Statements Feel Familiar?

Do you Resonate?

If so, a Tantra massage and/or Tantra coaching experience could really be of benefit 🔥 

What Happens in a Typical Tantra Massage?

After the massage you still have time to lie down and be in your experience. This is a time to rest and integrate all of the sensations and impressions and to slowly begin to let go of the massage. When you feel ready you can shower again if you wish. Afterwards I will still be available in case you would like to talk or share or ask any questions.

A typical Tantra Massage with me takes place in 3 phases:

I accompany and guide you on a sensual and unique journey into your own body. To do this, we create a secure framework with clear roles and boundaries. We begin by slowing down and breathing together. You decide how far you want to go and share anything else that you need me to know about your body before we begin and throughout the experience. The massage takes place on a heated mat, with relaxing music if you wish, and I massage you with warm coconut oil. In the course of the massage I remove your lungi and also remove my own from the waist upwards. I give the touch and you receive the touch and the roles are clearly defined, creating a safe space for you to melt into your own experience.

Before we start the tantra massage, we have an intro chat. We connect and I invite you to share any fears, wishes, expectations and intentions for the session. We also check in with your needs and boundaries and I ask you if there is anything special to know about your body as this can change from day to day. There is plenty of space for you to ask any questions you still have and afterwards you can take a shower in peace and I will provide you with a Lungi (pareo) to wear for the opening ritual.

Phase 1

Phase 3

Phase 2


Connection and Check-in

The Tantra Massage Ritual 

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“I was able to enjoy a wonderful massage by Sam as she was extremely present, sensitive, tension-building and it was erotic from the very first moment. She began by pampering me with delicate initial touches, which then turned into a beautiful intuitive interplay. Beautiful stroking movements that included the whole length of the body, different pressure, head and hair stroking turned into the next phase with oil, which she introduced with playful removal of the lungi. Thanks to her good perception she had recognised tensions and spread them by shifting the touches to the heart area, arms or legs. The end was harmonious and I was able to feel the gift of the massage in a beautiful sense of security.”

Marc, Zurich.

"My couples Tantra workshop with Samantha was transformative. It awakened all my senses and a new world of sensorial experiences.The act of slowing down, taking every step slowly, feeling the touch, being in the moment, zooming into parts of my body and my partners which I had never paid attention to before has opened up for me new possibilities of experiencing pleasure and life in general. Connecting with my partner with eye contact and creating a deep connection of intimacy was lovely. Conscious and loving touch is what the soul really yearns for. Reuniting to the other and to the oneness of all. I really enjoyed every moment of it and would highly recommend it to couples who are seeking for a deeper and more spiritual connection."

Happy Couple, Basel.

“It was a wonderful experience with Sam. Her combination of openness, curiosity, trust and clarity enabled a profound " being touched " of skin and heart already during the first massage. Sam has a wonderful gift to "read" the receiving body, to understand it and to offer the touches it longs for. I am deeply grateful for this encounter.” 

Iwan, Berne

"Thank you very much for your wonderful Tantra massage. You understand how to respond empathetically to people. Your touches were moving and loving and my body always felt safe and understood. You have a wonderful way of approaching people and understanding not only their body language, but also their heart. Your expertise, coupled with your empathy, made this experience a highlight for me that was healing and soul wellness at the same time. I am already looking forward to the next Tantra massage with you."

Happy client, Basel.