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Joseph Campbell.

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again”

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I offer the following Tantra massage experiences for all.

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Fr. 360.00

Tantra massage
Duration: 2 hours

Fr. 290.00

Tantra massage
Duration: 1.5 hours

Fr. 540.00

Tantra massage
Duration: 3 hours

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“I was able to enjoy a wonderful massage by Sam as she was extremely present, sensitive, tension-building and it was erotic from the very first moment. She began by pampering me with delicate initial touches, which then turned into a beautiful intuitive interplay. Beautiful stroking movements that included the whole length of the body, different pressure, head and hair stroking turned into the next phase with oil, which she introduced with playful removal of the lungi. Thanks to her good perception she had recognised tensions and spread them by shifting the touches to the heart area, arms or legs. The end was harmonious and I was able to feel the gift of the massage in a beautiful sense of security.”

Marc, Zurich.
"My couples Tantra workshop with Samantha was transformative. It awakened all my senses and a new world of sensorial experiences.The act of slowing down, taking every step slowly, feeling the touch, being in the moment, zooming into parts of my body and my partners which I had never paid attention to before has opened up for me new possibilities of experiencing pleasure and life in general. Connecting with my partner with eye contact and creating a deep connection of intimacy was lovely. Conscious and loving touch is what the soul really yearns for. Reuniting to the other and to the oneness of all. I really enjoyed every moment of it and would highly recommend it to couples who are seeking for a deeper and more spiritual connection."

Happy Couple, Basel.

“It was a wonderful experience with Sam. Her combination of openness, curiosity, trust and clarity enabled a profound " being touched " of skin and heart already during the first massage. Sam has a wonderful gift to "read" the receiving body, to understand it and to offer the touches it longs for. I am deeply grateful for this encounter.” 

Iwan, Berne

"Thank you very much for your wonderful Tantra massage. You understand how to respond empathetically to people. Your touches were moving and loving and my body always felt safe and understood. You have a wonderful way of approaching people and understanding not only their body language, but also their heart. Your expertise, coupled with your empathy, made this experience a highlight for me that was healing and soul wellness at the same time. I am already looking forward to the next Tantra massage with you."

Happy client, Basel.