My Approach

My Approach

As a certified, professional Tantra masseuse, I am also a member of the Förderverein Tantramassage Schweiz and work according to its principles,ensuring a safe and trusting environment in which to explore your sensations and feelings. Here are the principles also in English.

My massage studio is a calm, welcoming and intimate environment and my touch is dynamic, playful, warm and empathic. From deep relaxation to fiery arousal, each massage is a uniquely creative pleasure journey. Tantra massage really is a precious chance to surrender to your body’s wishes, desires and innate wisdom. 

It Really is my Pleasure, to be Your Tantra Guide.

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Connect to Your Pleasure in New and Heightened Ways

“I was able to enjoy a wonderful massage by Sam as she was extremely present, sensitive, tension-building and it was erotic from the very first moment. She began by pampering me with delicate initial touches, which then turned into a beautiful intuitive interplay. Beautiful stroking movements that included the whole length of the body, different pressure, head and hair stroking turned into the next phase with oil, which she introduced with playful removal of the lungi. Thanks to her good perception she had recognised tensions and spread them by shifting the touches to the heart area, arms or legs. The end was harmonious and I was able to feel the gift of the massage in a beautiful sense of security.”

Marc, Zurich.

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