When I lost my dear Dad to pancreatic cancer back in December 2015 it felt like my world had ended. Dad was my hero, my cheerleader and the most loyal, stable and loving presence in my life. On walking to work one bitterly cold winter morning back here in Switzerland after Dad’s funeral, I was overcome with grief, sadness and anxiety. That morning I was seriously wondering how on earth I would manage to process all of these dramatic feelings and still get through my teaching day.

Kundalini Energy

Since receiving this message, I have written at least one poem every single day. Writing helps me to know, express and heal myself in ways which continue to thrill me. Our creative, Kundalini energy is a flirtatious fountain of joy. And may these creative juices flow on and upwards and help to bring harmony and divinity to the human experience.

How Poetry Found Me

Then I received  a message;
“Write it down.”
It was such timely and direct guidance that I simply had to honour it. As my freezing fingertips began furiously tapping into my iPhone, I noticed that the words were becoming poems that were almost writing themselves before my very eyes. There was a therapeutic process happening that would help me to deal with the intensity of my experience. From this very moment, the fire of my creativity would become a force that would heal and evolve my soul beyond measure.

The Wild Feminine Spirit

Poems of Liberation and Love



Zuzana, Switzerland.

“From heartwarming to thought provoking, from sad to absolutely hilarious. This book of poems has something for everyone. Wonderful to read from cover to cover or simply to dip into. As sparkling as prosecco and as luscious as a good chocolate truffle!”

Look who's reading The Wild Feminine Spirit 


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Listen to My Talk on Creativity Here

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"Once I started browsing through the Wild Feminine Spirit Poems, I could feel my inner female warrior waking up. I started reading the first lines:
‘I walked on rocky, wild terrain
I walked through thunderstorm and rain
… and I couldn’t stop.
I found an abundance of wisdom in Sam Allen’s words."

Happy Reader, Switzerland
“ Sam so beautifully portrays her soul as she takes you from one theme to the next. Her witty poetry has the ability to make you smile while feeling uplifted, deep, soft and empowered all at the same time. The words on the pages allow your mind to wonder and tap into soul-filled imagination. The Wild Feminine Spirit is a wonderful gift that offers a different experience every time you read it.”

Dalia, Kuwait
“This is a wonderful book. You can get lost in it for hours. Sam brings such emotion to the pages, made me both laugh out loud and cry, there's something for everyone in this book. A must buy.”

Louise, U.K.
“What a wild adventure of a book this is. Sam’s poetry always makes me smile. She is such a rare talent and I’m thrilled that we finally all get to enjoy her clever, witty and at times cheeky observations and range. Well done Sam! Brilliantly delightful!”

Happy Reader, U.K.
“Reading the pages of the book, I feel vibrant excitement, curiosity and something rather familiar and warm as if I got home. The poetry of Sam Allen is full of strong emotion and truthfulness. It awakens aliveness and passion, sharpens senses. It reminds me about layers and aspects of me that I sometimes forget - connecting back to my humanness, deep desires, sensuality and heart.”

Ekaterina, Switzerland
“This is such a great book of poetry. Her heart is felt on every page. Very current, loving and exceptional work. I highly recommend this book, you will find many excellent, inspiring poems to make you feel stronger and more understood.”

Happy Reader, US
“I just love these poems. Speaking to themes of self-love, passion, pleasure, nature and more, they soothe my soul with their depth, rhythm and rhyme. Grateful to Ms Allen for sharing with us her vulnerability, authenticity and wisdom.”

Michelle, US
“This book is gold, a treasure chest of wisdom. I love flipping it open to a random poem and reading the heartfelt message to contemplate. I'm so grateful author Sam Allen decided to compile some of her greatest pieces and share her gift with us.”

Shelby, US
“The journey you take with Sam Allen is one filled with candor, soul and love. I am forever grateful for the poems taking me places within my human experience that I had not yet travelled. A delightful poem book to share with family and friends.”

Janet Corvino, Canada
“Lovely poems of liberation and love! I find parts of me in each and every one of them! Thank you Sam for voicing out so beautifully and creatively words of female empowerment! You are such a powerful creative force!”

Migena, Albania

 Poetry Videos

 Poetry Videos