Permission for Pleasure
Group Coaching Programme for Women 

Do you spend most of your time looking after others and struggle to prioritise your own needs?

Is your current way of life leaving you feeling tired, stressed and disconnected from your body?

Find yourself feeling resentful and frustrated and taking things too seriously?

Do you sometimes feel like you’ve forgotten how to experience pleasure? Or that you simply don’t have enough time in the day?

Want to experience more sensual, spiritual and sexual fulfilment and better relationships?

I ask You


Because pleasure is your birthright


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A  bi-weekly experiential group coaching programme for women


18.03.24 - 27.05.24
Mondays 9.30 - 12.00 CET

499.00 Euros 
Earlybird: 399.00 Euros (up until 11.03.24)
Maximum group size: 12 participants 



About the Programme

This highly experiential, somatic group coaching programme will offer you just the safe and nurturing space you need to rediscover what brings YOU pleasure these days. It is a unique opportunity for you to slow down and carve out some ME time and to reconnect to your heart, body, mind and soul in powerful, healing and nourishing ways.  

Throughout the journey you will learn how to allow, access and awaken new and heightened levels of pleasure and to amplify feelings of deep relaxation, joy and aliveness in your body. You will feel seen, heard and held by an intimate and supportive group of women who like you are also seeking to bring more pleasure into their day to day. And, you will learn to prioritise your pleasure and to fully embrace your sensual, feminine energy. 

The Journey

Permission for Pleasure Coaching Programme




Week 3: Activating

Activating heart power and connecting to pelvis wisdom. Learning how to stimulate sensual energy and to spread it around the body in order to nourish and enliven you. Inviting the full potential of your divine feminine and luxuriating in your essence.

Week 1: Arriving

Exploring the different types of pleasure available to you, taking a look at where you are currently at and defining where you most want to be with pleasure. Connecting with your PFP tribe, becoming familiar with your pleasure pod and co-creating a safe space in which to relax into the transformation journey.

Week 2: Allowing

Discovering the barriers to pleasure, rewiring patterns and habits that no longer serve you via emotional de-armouring techniques and creating the permission to receive more pleasure. Opening the throat chakra, finding your voice and articulating what you most want and need.

Consciously dialling up pleasure in your body, celebrating your sensuality, expanding your energetic field and raising your vibration. Learning how to attract what you most want into your life and manifesting joy and abundance.

Week 4: Attuning

Building deeper connection to yourself. Experiencing new feelings, sensations and establishing a closer relationship with your beautiful body. Discovering a more playful, free, blissful way of moving your energy and allowing your own unique flow to be expressed.

Week 6: Amplifying

Week 5: Awakening 

Week 5: Awakening 🔥

Igniting the fire of your sexual energy, awakening the wild feminine in you and claiming it with full permission. Channelling your Kundalini life force energy and exploring what most excites and arouses. Realising your magnificence.

The Details

Slow down, open your senses and experience life at its fullest. Experience pleasure from the inside out. Learn how to be in closer relationship with your body. Discover how to communicate and receive what you most need in relationships. Explore your unknown potential.Get back that inner glow. Feel more. 

Get back that inner glow.

Learn how to be in closer relationship with your body.

Feel more.

Experience pleasure from the inside out.

Discover how to communicate and receive what you most need in relationships.


Slow down, open your senses and experience life at its fullest.

Discover your life purpose.

Listen to My Pleasure Talk

Listen to My Pleasure Talk

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Pleasure is an inside job. And it begins by slowing down, letting go of the doing-to-achieve mode and opening our senses... 

✯ Guided visualisations
✯ Tantric breathwork
✯ Emotional de-armouring techniques
✯ Open conversation
✯ Sensory awareness exercises
✯ Chakra balancing
✯ Kundalini activation
✯ Ecstatic movement sessions
✯ Inspiring poetry readings
✯ Guided journaling
✯ Conscious communication (expressing wants/needs and boundaries)
✯ Activities to enable heightened sensuality and attunement to your feminine energy

✯ Relaxation, joy, aliveness and empowerment 
✯ Healing, well-being and rejuvenation
✯ Increased authenticity and self-actualisation
✯ The confidence to create a lifestyle that truly fulfils you
✯ More energy, motivation, vitality and creativity
✯ A closer, more loving relationship with yourself and your body
✯ A supportive group of fellow pleasure-seekers
✯ The confidence to ask for and get what you most want in your most important relationships



Experience, Joy, Arousal, Aliveness

✯ 6 x 2 hour highly experiential group coaching sessions via Zoom
✯ 1 x 60’ personal sensuality coaching session
✯ An assigned pleasure pod for additional support, solidarity and exploration between sessions
✯ A weekly P4P growth challenge between each session to land the learning and continue the expansion
✯ Access to a free, private WhatsApp P4P group 
✯ Access to an atmospheric P4P playlist 
✯ A complimentary copy of my poetry book “The Wild Feminine Spirit” on completion
✯ Welcome invite, inspiring resources, calendar invites and Zoom link received once booking is complete

What's Included

From a biological standpoint, pleasure is linked to the release of neurotransmitters like dopamine, which play a role in our reward system. These positive experiences not only feel good in the moment but also contribute to our mental and emotional health. They can reduce stress, improve mood, and enhance our overall quality of life.
In essence, pleasure adds a layer of richness to our human experience, making it more fulfilling and meaningful. It's a reminder to indulge in the things that make us happy and to appreciate the beauty and joy that life has to offer.

It's Biology!

Pleasure is Like the Spice of Life adds flavour and makes things more enjoyable. It's a powerful motivator that encourages us to seek out experiences that bring us happiness, satisfaction, and joy. Whether it's the pleasure of savouring a delicious meal, the warmth of connecting with loved ones, or the thrill of pursuing our passions, these moments contribute to our overall well-being.

“I have greatly enjoyed participating in the Permission to Pleasure program led by Sam Allen. It became a sanctuary for genuine expression, heartfelt sharing, vulnerability, courage, and mutual support among attendees. We went into all places needed including pains, and joys, and pleasures - opening to what is there for us. I've uncovered new, enjoyable sensual experiences that I can provide for myself. I delved into various types of pleasures and identified which ones I would like to have more of in my life." 

Ekaterina Kamenskaya, Zurich

"My involvement in this course has accompanied and deepened my personal growth journey, transforming many layers of beliefs and inner structures. Throughout this journey, I let go of many ideas about myself and what I need or have to do, I opened myself to much more freedom and embraced the Unknown, sensing life and the world with more freshness, vibrancy and joy. Thank you very much Sam for your amazing program!”

Happy Participant, Switzerland

“Sam led us in a warm embrace to discover our own unique experience with pleasure. 
The supportive setting allowed for so much self exploration and openness within the group of diverse individuals. The content is rich and engaging, from exercises to release old memories held in the body to multiple structures to enhance self love practices. Recommend for women of all ages to recreate their relationship to pleasure principles."

Liz, Luxembourg

“I love Sam's way of leading the course - It transcends her leadership skills and expertise, and goes beyond into openness of heart and mind, energizing expressiveness through voice and movement, her own inspiring sensuality and sexuality and relationship with the topic of pleasure."

Happy Participant, Switzerland

399.00 Euro

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