Creative Coaching Experience

A three month deep dive experience of six 60 minute online, face-to-face or in nature creative coaching sessions intended to assist you with your current creative project.
Results :

  • Through visioning and visualising, you will bring your creative project to fruition.
  • We will co-create accountability around your project in order to keep you on track.
  • You will work through creative blocks in order to approach your project with a deeper sense of excitement and inspiration.
  • Together we create a space in which you will harness your full creative potential.
  • The creative coaching relationship will serve as an encouraging and energising springboard for your ideas.
  • Clients often notice that they are more focussed and productive as a result of the sessions.
  • Clients often mention that they are more in flow with their creativity and feel re-connected to their Life Purpose.

“Don’t want to follow like a sheep

And walk through my life half asleep

It’s truth and beauty that I seek

And my life’s purpose is unique”

– ‘Embracing Eccentricity’ Sam Allen

Your investment for the Creative Coaching Experience:

600chf/600 dollars

Get in touch to arrange a free, no obligations 30 minute demo session.

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